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Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview


Key Stage 3 students have their own area within the unit. They follow a structured timetable, and teaching sessions are based on the national curriculum. With continued emotional support, children are able to further develop in an environment that aims to meet their individual needs. Some of the subjects students are expected to study are: Maths, English, Science and functional skills.


Often children that are experiencing problems with mainstream education have strong academic abilities and therefore are able to sit their GCSE examinations at our centre. This allows them optimum opportunity for success, as they are able to take the exams within an environment they are familiar and comfortable with. Some of the subjects our GCSE students take are: Maths, English, Science, ICT, and motor mechanics.

We are also able to support children with any other subject. For those students that want to take a more vocational route we are able to offer Functional skills qualifications in Literacy, Numeracy, and ICT. All students learn employability skills and have weekly career sessions to help them consider and prepare for their future plans.