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About Us


Who is GUIDE92 Education?

Established in 2016, GUIDE92 Education provides specialist support for children and young people with severe emotional and behavioural difficulties, who have been or might be at risk of exclusion from mainstream education. Quite often, these young people have unrealized intellectual abilities, yet experience difficulties in emotional expression and in developing meaningful attachments. We are passionate about helping young people to overcome the emotional barriers that impede on their learning. We have a record of success in helping those who are poor achievers, have little motivation and self-esteem and have a poor record of attendance. As a consequence of our specialist support, we aid the child in the management of their emotional behaviour to become more settled individuals with a sense of self and purpose. Through the use of therapeutic approaches, we help children to move away from their negative pasts and aid them in excelling academically, as well as socially and emotionally.

Our focus is centred on personal well-being and development, as well as supporting growth in self-confidence, self-esteem, interpersonal relationships and study skills.

GUIDE92 Education recognises that a strong emotional foundation is what ultimately leads to academic and personal success. We aim to make learning a more enjoyable and meaningful experience for young people. Emphasis is given to developing relationships, as we believe positive relationships are the key to educational success. Our student-centred approach focuses on conflict resolution and positive reinforcement of pro-social behaviour. Negative behaviour is discussed, but the emphasis of our approach is to reward and attend to positive behaviour. Our cognitive behavioural approach is one that fosters mutual respect and trust, where we encourage the student to be reflective as opposed to reactive.

Our Team

We have a dedicated and committed team of professionals including qualified teachers, support workers, administrators and a psychotherapist (in training) who all have a wealth of experience and specialise in working with pupils with challenging behaviours. The team builds effective relationships and works closely with all children and young people, focussing on how the child can be supported effectively in order to achieve in their academic work.