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Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4

Often children that are experiencing problems with mainstream education have strong academic abilities and therefore are able to sit their GCSE examinations at our centre. This allows them optimum opportunity for success, as they are able to take the exams within an environment they are familiar and comfortable with. Some of the subjects our GCSE students take are: Maths, English, Science, ICT, and motor mechanics.

We are also able to support children with any other subject. For those students that want to take a more vocational route we are able to offer Functional skills qualifications in Literacy, Numeracy, and ICT. All students learn employability skills and have weekly career sessions to help them consider and prepare for their future plans.

Core Subjects: English, Maths, Sciences, Computing (GCSE/ Functional Skills) are delivered using work set from Base School, or by following KS4 resources from various providers. Furthermore, for students on a long term basis we will deliver our bespoke Schemes of Learning (SoL), which will be accredited with the appropriate level qualification (subject to approval from Base School), these are discussed in the next section.

Emotional Intelligence: Through teacher led discussions, activities, workshops and personal life examples, students learn about the 5 strands that make up emotional intelligence (Self-reflection, Self-regulation, Empathy, Motivation and Social Skills).

Expected Outcome: By the end of the 5 modules, students will be equipped with an understanding and raised awareness of: Self-reflection; How emotions play a sizeable role in reactions; empathy towards others; What motivates them; The importance of possessing strong social skills.

Personality Types: Students will learn about the 9 personality types using the Enneagram model developed and described by Don Richard Riso (d.2012).

Expected Outcomes: Recognising their own personality type will support students to understand themselves and their behaviour. Furthermore, this knowledge will equip them to regulate their emotions and behaviour allowing them to develop areas in need of development into strengths later in life.

Courses offered: Please note that all registrations for courses must be made at Base School, unless the student is with GUIDE92 full time.

  • Level 2 European Computer Driving License (ECDL).
  • Level 2 ASDAN Excelsis Award.
  • GCSE English and Maths
  • Functional Skills English, Maths and ICT
  • Other courses: GUIDE92 can also support in delivery of other courses already delivered at the Base School – Please note that this is dependent on support being made available from colleagues at Base Schools.


Workshops offered:

  • CV Writing/ Interview Training/ Managing Money/ Anti-Drugs / Leadership / Conflict and Anger Management/ Time Management/ Anti-Bullying (this list is not exhaustive).

Our Key Stage 4 offer will support students with both academic skills and life skills, preparing them for their future role within our society, albeit at college, university or place of work.