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Message From Director

Message From Director

As young people grow up they often make mistakes and get things wrong. This is a natural part of developing as a person. Some young people find this more difficult than others for a variety of reasons. There are times when this makes a full-time placement in a mainstream school inappropriate.

GUIDE92 is an alternative to mainstream school and we work together alongside our partner schools to build personalised learning programmes for students who may be struggling to cope with school. We deliver the core subjects along with life skills through our Emotional Intelligence programme. Guide92 curriculum is created to offer students the core subject’s syllabus they would receive in school, and life skills that empower them with the ability to self-reflect and self-regulate their own behaviour.

Please contact us to discuss our offer in more depth, and we look forward to working with you to support the development of each individual child.

Mr. S Hussain
Centre Director

We take pride in mirroring a mainstream school environment, as coupled with our offer our students are better supported to reintegrate back into full time school.